Unpopular opinion: I did enjoy the Betrothed to some extent.

A would-be queen. A handsome young king. A perfect match…or is it? From the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of the Selection series comes the Betrothed, a glittering royal romance sure to captivate her legion of loyal readers and lovers of courtly intrigue alike.

Slow start?

Yes, you can say that. Maybe it’s because I went into this book with no expectations, but I didn’t have that much trouble with this compared to other readers I noticed. The Selection will always be my guilty pleasure, but I didn’t think for a second that the Betrothed would be the same despite the royalty theme. That’s why I didn’t mind that the story was a bit slow in the first half. In fact, I felt that Cass’ writing style has improved over the Selection. I remember being annoyed by the lack of descriptions of the setting and characters. That seemed better executed in this story.


That too is a point that many stumble over, and I agree. The way Hollis fell in love is very cliché to give an example (without spoiling too much). So far I haven’t really bothered with that. A little cliche is okay, I always say. Because sometimes clichés are there for a reason. Admittedly: a little more depth in the mutual relationship(s) would have been welcome.

Inspiration from the bible

From the first part of the Selection I knew where Cass got her inspiration from. And it has not escaped my notice with this duology either. Personally, I like to see the points of similarity, however subtle, while she has managed to create her own story with her own characters.

Unexpected ending

Cass honestly managed to surprise me with the end of the story, and that’s also the strongest part of the whole story. In any case, Cass has a writing style that makes you want to read on quickly and before you know it, you’re waiting for part 2.

Disclaimer: When I first finished the Beloved, I had rated it with a 4.5, which I don’t think is quite right given the above points. That is why I have now come to a judgment of 3.5 (rounded up). Because while it was entertaining enough, I can’t call it a great story.

Titel: The Betrothed
Auteur: Kiera Cass
Verschenen: May 2020
Pagina’s: 320
Uitgever: Harper Collins USA
Rating: 3/5