The Legacy, the first part of this series, left me crying because of a cliffhanger. I had to read more about Avery and the mystery surrounding the Hawthornes. Now it was finally here… And it didn’t disappoint!

The mystery surrounding the Hawthorne family has not yet been solved in ‘The Legacy’. In fact, it just got bigger. Avery and Jameson have discovered that it is absolutely no coincidence that Tobias Hawthorne left her his fortune. He’s been watching Avery for years. But why? Does he hope she can bring his splintered family back together, or is there more to it? Avery is determined to find answers, but it’s not easy with Jameson and Grayson around. Moreover, there are still people who prefer to see her disappear…

Good reminder!

Part 1 left an important clue about a certain Hawthorne, who Avery seemed to know very well in fact! In this part, Avery and the handsome Hawthorne brothers set out to find that person and the truth about what really happened.

Although most of it was still fresh in my memory, it was very nice that Barnes started the story with a small summary, without it becoming infodumping or boring. How wonderful to ‘see’ Avery again, just like Jameson, Grayson, Xander, Nash, Libby and… our faxing Max who appears in the flesh in this book. I was hoping for it in part 1 and I’m glad we had more Max time in part 2.

You keep reading

I can only say that in this part, again, wonderful puzzles and mystery have been incorporated in short chapters that make you keep saying to yourself: okay, just one more chapter… Barnes’ smooth and humorous writing style keeps calling you back to the book over and over.

I want more Gray

The love triangle between Avery, Jamie and Gray continued here as well. I especially enjoyed the romance with Jameson. But… I would have liked to see a little more Gray in this part, but if we can expect that in part 3, you won’t hear me complain. Just like I wish Avery’s sister, Libby, could have had more screen time. But hey, what do you want with a story like this where literally almost every character can be called really fun and interesting! No wonder Barnes is making it a trilogy. I need more, more, more!

Plot twist welldone

May I conclude with the great plot twist after plot twist at the end? Of course the whole story was interesting to read, but those last chapters… Well, I’m not going to spoil anything here, but trust me: you want to read this series! If it isn’t already on your TBR list, put it on it. And if it’s already on it, put it at the top of your list. Because these books deserve to be read.

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Disclaimer: The fact that this is a review copy does not affect my rating.