How nice that you are taking the time to read this news item. My name is Jami Leigh and welcome to my new blog: Bookstagraphics.


Some of you may have seen me on instagram (@bookstagraphics), maybe that’s the reason you visited my website in the first place. In that case: thank you for visiting my website! Feel free to leave a message below to say hi.

For my profession I am a web designer / graphic designer

For those who are curious about what I do besides writing, reading and instagramming: I am a web designer / graphic designer and I have my own advertising agency called Xless Design. For some time now I have had the idea to expand my bookstagram with a website, where I can write and post more extensive reviews. But of course I that takes time, which I don’t always have. Still, I can now happily announce that Bookstagraphics is finally online!

So many cool things planned

I have so many great ideas when it comes to Bookstagraphics, and would like to share a few with you. Aside from book reviews, this is going to be on the website:

  • Blog posts: about books and reading, of course, including a ‘Confessions’ section, where deeper feelings emerge from the readers among us. That could be you!*
  • News: Will a book be filmed? Did Stephen King offend the Queen of England? Or has a complete family drama originated from a published book? You can read such news here.
  • Writing tips I want to share for the writers among us, or those who want to learn. (Which is probably the most useful in Dutch, since that is my native language)
  • Newsletter: It’s not there yet, but I plan on doing this. For those who like to be notified of new posts. Very handy of course!
  • Multilingual: To serve my internation followers on instagram, I am translating this website in English, hoping you will forgive my language errors, since it’s not my native language.
  • Design: Book covers, interior design, or other designs that have to do with books, I will display in a portfolio.

* Do you have a story you’d like to share? Happy memories of a loved one who died, who left a special book, for example? Or how reading / writing has helped you with depression? Did you not like to read at all? Or has a particular book had an important impact on your life? Have you owned a book from the library for over 20 years?

If you have a moving or comical story you’d like to share, please contact me at jami@bookstagraphics.com.

Have fun on my blog!